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State Based Systems (SBS) Available Services

SBS Online available services is a service offered by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). SBS provides insurance licensees and license administrators with the ability to complete numerous functions related to licensing and licensee status online.


What can Licensees Do with SBS?

  • Print a copy of your license
  • View detailed license information
  • Review CE compliance

What Can License Administrators Do With SBS?

  • Submit resident license renewals
  • Print a copy of a license or simultaneously print multiple licenses
  • View detailed license information
  • View license summaries for multiple licensees simultaneously
  • Review CE compliance for multiple licensees simultaneously

SBS also has the option to receive e-mail notification of the following changes to a license:

  • Address Changes
  • Name Changes
  • License Status Changes
  • Residency Status Changes
  • Line of Authority Additions
  • Line of Authority Deletions
  • Original License Approvals
  • License Renewals
  • Doing-Business-As Name Additions
  • Doing-Business-As Name Deletions